From actual customers

"My debt was substantial thanks to my poor choices in money management. In the past 3 and half years DebtRX has seen me through my mothers illness, a bad break up, and a few relocations. It is because of you that I was freed up to deal with these personal issues by not having to worry about calls, letters and drowning in debt. I have been recommending you to people I know that are in the same situation I found myself in. Keep up the amazing work!"

—Patty L.

"At DebtRX I was never made to feel guilty for making bad financial choices. The entire process was explained to me, I even received periodic phone calls and emails from DebtRX checking to see how I was doing and if I needed to discuss anything. I currently have no credit card debts due to the people at DebtRX. I cannot thank you enough for being a helping hand when I had nowhere else to turn."

—Emma D.

"I am actually out of debt now. I think I was probably in more debt than anyone. In less than 3 years I came out of debt of over $50,000.00. Thanks for getting my life back."

—Connie D.

"My experience with DebtRX was awesome. They have cleared my debt and it has only been 2 years where other options could've taken me years or even led me to bankruptcy. Without their experience, I would have never been able to do it. And for that, I thank them a million times."

—Ramon M.

"The people that work at DebtRX treat you like a person, unlike my creditors. I have been recommending you for years!"

—Diane B.

"I was in a deep financial crisis. One of your representatives was able to instill confidence in me that enabled me to see that my situation was not impossible to overcome. In my darkest hour, DebtRX was there to provide priceless guidance. I am debt free after 3 some years. Thank you."

—Eddie A.

"I am extremely happy with what you are doing to help me. I am so glad that two of my four bills are now paid off. Customer service is so important and you showed me you really know how to care for your customers."

—Shermalee O.

"Thank you sooo much for your concern. Your company has been the greatest help, not only with what you do, but also with the stress release. Thanks again!"

—Shannon C.