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We are the Debt Settlement Group (Debt Rx) and are one of the longest operating Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation firms in America. We are not the largest, because our focus has been more on personal attention and service of existing clients than that of enrolling new ones. We have seen many debt settlement companies rise and fall over the years, mostly due to the greed of enrolling a high volume of clients and when it came time to service these new clients, they fell short. This caused long customer service hold times, high complaints, and eventually these other debt settlement companies demise.

We also have other competing debt settlement companies that send their clients to us to use as their negotiators because of our longevity, success, and service.

Our team of debt negotiators has settled millions of dollars of unsecured debt. With years of experience in the consumer credit and debt settlement and debt negotiation industry, our company will help you navigate through difficult times. Whatever financial pressures you may be feeling now, we are here to ensure that you have a stress-free future so that you can enjoy each day without the black cloud of debt looming over your head.

Debt Settlement Company Mission

Our mission is to help you find the proper debt relief solution that matches your needs, even if its not with our program. Considered by many to be one of the most reliable experienced debt settlement companies around, Debt Settlement Group (Debt Rx) is recognized as a leader and a debt settlement company that helps people become and remain financially stable.

As a debt settlement company, Debt Settlement Group (Debt Rx) seeks to become your reliable debt settlement service provider. To become the best debt settlement company requires professionalism reliability and trust. We set high standards in debt settlement and debt negotiation and we abide by them.

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