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Difficult does not mean impossible

You can do it! However, it is time consuming.

When you don’t understand the charge off and debt sale process, creditors will inflate the balance and then give you a discount off the inflated balance. Which may not be any real discount at all.

Creditors are sneaky. They are known to offer settlements and after a debtor has paid the settlement, the remaining balance is sent to another collection agency many months later.


It is tough to deal with all the collection calls. They are very aggressive and are famous for lying and scaring debtors to the point of just giving up.


When you don’t know the collection laws, it easy to be confused and taken advantage of by creditors.

These are all reasons to use a professional. Professionals may also obtain larger discounts because they are settling in bulk.



Debt Settlement Debt Negotiation works by negotiating the balance owed on your unsecured debt so the amount paid is less than owed. We design an affordable monthly savings plan and your savings are used to obtain a deal from your creditors.

Most likely, yes. Any time you are behind, with or without a program, you will receive calls. However, many creditors are accommodating. Additionally, calls may reduce after the original creditor receives a detailed hardship letter from you.

Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiations effect on your credit score will depend on your current credit status before starting any settlement program. Very few people with debt problems have perfect credit and debt settlement is meant to be a hardship program.

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We are the Debt Rx and are one of the longest operating Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation firms in America. We are not the largest, because our focus has been more on personal attention and service of existing clients than that of enrolling new ones.