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Debt Settlement is a viable option to help you eliminate your debt.

Debt Settlement is a viable option to help you eliminate your debt. However, if you choose an inexperienced company, you may find yourself in worse shape than you already are.

We are confident that after your due diligence is done, DebtRx will be the clear choice as your debt settlement company. Print out and Use these questions when researching:

1. How long have you been in business?

  • Young companies have very little experience. If they can’t provide proof of their experience, RED FLAG. Don’t take their word for it, either. Check on them by finding out when their website was registered and the BBB. Use our Options Learning Center Debt Settlement Scams to learn more.
  • DebtRx has been open for over 20 years! Our track record is proven.

2. Who does the Customer Service and Settlements?

  • Some companies outsource this to another company. They use a third-party Servicing Center that perhaps used to do other types of work, such as mortgages, and have converted over to Settlement and therefore make the claim they have been in business for a long time.
  • What they don’t tell you is that they used to do something else for most of that time. If they don’t do the work themselves, RED FLAG.
  • DebtRx does its own Customer Service and Negotiations.

3. What are your fees?

  • A company should disclose their fees without claiming you must qualify before they tell you. Fees should also only be paid at the time a debt is settled. If they wont tell you, or any fee is collected upfront, RED FLAG.

4. Do you offer more than just Debt Settlement?

  • Most companies only offer one service, and therefore they may be biased. If they only offer Debt Settlement, RED FLAG.
  • DebtRx offers all available debt relief services aside from Bankruptcy. This includes Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling (Interest Rate Reduction), Loans, and custom repayment plans.

5. Are you being paid a commission?

  • Salespeople may stretch the truth or leave out vital information if they are paid commission. If they say Yes, RED FLAG.
  • DebtRx representatives are paid salary and are very upfront with the offered programs.

6. Will you make monthly payments to my creditors?

  • Settlement programs do not make monthly payments. If they give you the impression they will, RED FLAG.
  • Creditors are paid once you have lump sum money available and a mutually agreeable settlement offer.
  • Credit Counseling (Interest Rate Reduction) will make monthly payments to your creditors. 

7. Can you stop creditors from calling me?

  • It is not possible to stop ALL creditor calls. If they say they can, RED FLAG.
  • DebtRx will take steps to reduce or stop creditor calls.

8. Can I be sued?

  • If you dont pay your bills on time and in full, you run the risk of suit. If they say otherwise, RED FLAG.
  • DebtRx can still settle and will continue to negotiate a settlement even if a lawsuit is filed.

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Debt Settlement Debt Negotiation works by negotiating the balance owed on your unsecured debt so the amount paid is less than owed. We design an affordable monthly savings plan and your savings are used to obtain a deal from your creditors.

Most likely, yes. Any time you are behind, with or without a program, you will receive calls. However, many creditors are accommodating. Additionally, calls may reduce after the original creditor receives a detailed hardship letter from you.

Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiations effect on your credit score will depend on your current credit status before starting any settlement program. Very few people with debt problems have perfect credit and debt settlement is meant to be a hardship program.

About Our Company

We are the Debt Rx and are one of the longest operating Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation firms in America. We are not the largest, because our focus has been more on personal attention and service of existing clients than that of enrolling new ones.